Like every year, Oxean worked with Arcos Dorados to carry out the Summer in Mc campaign.

This renewed edition included entertainment activities, healthy living, and sustainability for the whole family within the country's leading tourist destinations.

Thinking strategically

McDonald’s started 2023 by offering different proposals and activities related to environmental care and integral well-being. 

The actions, focused on environmental care, sports, and entertainment for the whole family, were yielded in Mar del Plata, Villa Carlos Paz, Rosario, and Pinamar.

As every year, Oxean was the general producer, designed and implemented together with the client all the planned actions of this great proposal that is already a holiday classic.

"We developed a strategy based on the four pillars that the client wanted to promote: sustainability, entertainment, sports, and shows. We needed to craft ideas that would bring the client's vision to life, with criteria, in a coherent way, reflecting McDonald's on each of the activities of this brand experience. Our team's job was to tell that great story that would bring true meaning to the Mc Summer, "

said Ariel Herrera, Founder & Executive VP of Grupo Oxean.

Cleaning in Motion

McDonald’s presented an activity combining sport with environmental care for the first time: cleaning in motion. Along with waste collection on the beaches (an action that is a trend gaining more and more followers), in collaboration with the Cooperativa Cura, Mc Summer’s proposal included a sports activity taught by Daniel “Tano” Dell’Olio.

 (Crédito: Prensa Arcos Dorados)

In the end, participants received a sustainable kit: a metal straw, a plantable paper pencil, reusable cups, and a water thermos. 

"We are happy with the great turnout this year and the participation of the entire family, children, parents, and grandparents. Every year, being present with Mc Summer fills us with pride, raising awareness and sensitizing us about the importance of caring for the environment. This year we introduced cleaning in motion, and we were pleasantly surprised because not only the families from the beach where we set up the activity joined in, but also those from other beach resorts. This gives us the guideline of the commitment we generate with this action",

said Fernando Arango, Communications Manager of Arcos Dorados.

Plastic Recycling by Big M

In line with its ESG sustainable initiative, McDonald’s installed two collection centers (in Mar del Plata and Pinamar) to collaborate with the practice of plastic collection.

"It was a great idea that we carried out. We installed a giant M-shaped where people could deposit their plastics and exchange them for a sustainable gift from the brand,"

explained Ariel Herrera.

The Mar del Plata recyclers’ cooperative CURA was the NGO in charge of collecting the plastic to reuse it adequately. In Pinamar, the NGO Reciclando Conciencia was in charge.

Finally, in alliance with the ABC cooperative, McDonald’s also generated a cleaning squad that collaborated with the cleaning of the hillside and waste collection throughout the season.

Music Shows and Sports

The summer version of Meet&Eat by McDonald’s was a success: exclusive musical shows presented artists from different genres so everyone could enjoy a special moment merged with the brand’s products. Oscu, Luck Ra, Flor Vigna, Fer Dente, Flor Otero and Tripa performed.

On the other hand, as a sponsor of the AFA, McDonald’s continued with its soccer clinics that it has been carrying out throughout the country so that children can approach the sport and healthy life, with the endorsement of instructors and teachers of the AFA FTI. 

At the same time, and in anticipation of the 11th edition of the M5K, in Mar del Plata and Pinamar, running clinics were given by Daniel "Tano" Dell'Olio.

 (Crédito: Prensa Arcos Dorados)

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