Oxean's history with Natura began in 2014 with a specific request to make a first video, and along these 7 years, a pandemic in between, it grew and strengthened with each new project.

Continually working on effective digital communication

Currently Natura Cosméticos – the Brazilian company that has 1.7 million sales consultants throughout the region – continues to choose Oxean Cross Internal Comunications to develop communication and training materials.

These include: materials for the Commercial Training area in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico; audiovisual pieces for launches of the different brands (Ekos, Tododia, Chronos, Lumina, Una, Kaiak and Humor). We also generate e-learnings. podcasts, apps and presentation design.

“In addition to the Natura Brand we work for the different categories, with their respective sub-brands. So our main focus is to get to know the needs of each one of them in order to anticipate their needs. Natura is a company whose face-to-face sales channel, based on personal ties through consultants has always been, and continues to be, a central strategy of its business. For this reason, the incorporation of digital tools and virtuality generates key challenges for all areas ”

says Diego Caggiano, Director of Content and board member of Oxean.

Teamwork for better results

Although this situation was precipitated by the pandemic, the truth is that the company had been driving the path towards digital. And so, from Oxean we work providing support in this aspecto mainly for the Commercial Training area.

“It is essential for us that our entire team, whether they are scriptwriters, designers, editors, animators or programmers, have a deep understanding of the client's communication needs. In addition, from the first moment we have all the support, trust and the best predisposition on behalf on the Natura team. That was key to build the excellent relationship that we have. It is very enjoyable to work that way, ”

adds Diego.

And it is that capacity that makes it possible to consolidate a work dynamic that has been maintained over the years, generating creative, interesting communication focused on the needs of a brand that is recognized for its innovative vocation.

Natura has been certified as Company B since 2015 and has been working with a pioneering sustainable vision since its inception in 1969, supporting small producers in the Amazon that form an essential part of its value chain.

The Oxean team is proud to work with clients who are not only recognized for the excellence of their products, but who also maintain a commitment to respect the environment and the community.

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