"Virtuality won’t take away our possibility of coming together”.

This is the mantra that we have adopted in Vermú, Oxean’s spin-off.

True to that motto, as Children’s Day approached, we did not sit by. We organized and executed a special plan for our client Oldelval: a different and 100% virtual “Children’s Day”.

The proposal included an exclusive website with activities for the youngest members of the family, interactive sections and a show by the Bigolates group, all under an umbrella concept linked to “Space”.

The action was launched with a communication campaign with its own aesthetic and different pieces for the Intranet, email and Yammer, a business social network.

The results reflected our hard work:
more than 80% of the employees visited the website and participated in the activities.

“Knowing that Oldelval’s collaborators have different possibilities and schedules – many of them work in pumping stations and do not have access to a computer – we came up with a personalized synchronous activity (the Bigolates show), combined with asynchronous activities on a website that was available for 10 days. We included recreational and educational activities, and the possibility for employees to upload photos of their children”, describes Agustina Cuffia.

"The success of the activation was offering options up to the possibilities of each family."

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