Novo Nordisk challenged us to develop an awareness campaign for people living with type 2 diabetes. The objective was to promote a healthy lifestyle and carry out the corresponding doctor's consultations to adequately control this chronic disease.

Vermú Events + Good experiences y EPICAL, Oxean’s Spin Offs, were in charge of working as a team to launch “Today, Pres Play” (

"We carried out a study of Social Media Listening to better understand the audience and their needs," , ," explains Agustina Cuffia, co-founder and creative director of Vermú. "The message of the campaign is 'do not pause the treatment.' Press Play implies pressing play on life ”, she adds.

Involving employees: a necessary goal

Oxean’s interdisciplinary team drew up a proposal for cross, transversal communication, where internal and external communication coexisted in a campaign with great repercussion. The strategy, concept, visual key and implementation in Social Media were worked on.

“We generated content for patients to identify themselves, find value and help them live beyond the limits of diabetes. We emphasized the motivational aspect and the emotional benefits of health care, always from a positive point of view”, says Agustina.

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In addition to raising awareness in the general community and patients with type 2 diabetes, one of the main targets of the campaign was collaborators.

“We thought from the beginning in designing a comprehensive campaign. We had to involve employees, on the one hand, to invite them to incorporate healthy habits, the axis of the campaign. On the other, to continue positioning Novo as a company that puts the patient at the center of what it does, and to contribute to the pride of belonging and marking a milestone in the company, which has to do with a new way of communicating and doing things”, detalla Agustina.


Some of the inward actions were the branding of the offices, a launch event and challenges for employees. External communication pieces were also used in the internal communication plan, such as interviews with referents for a series of podcasts with health leaders, videos, and patient testimonials.

The results were shocking. During the 3 months of the campaign we managed to exceed 4 million unique people reached, which resulted in a coverage of 65%.

In an area where regulations abound, we were able to complete the campaign in a month, thanks to a strong and diverse team, who worked closely with the client.

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