Oxean led the communication strategy for the 2017 Happy McDay, coordinating the work of all suppliers involved in the action. Planning and strategy began over a month before the event, with planning meetings including different agencies, research firms and production companies.

Communication in events of this type becomes a living experience, as the audience interacts with moments that elicit different feelings. For this reason, we created the “Happy McDay Newspaper”, as an innovating and disruptive action. The newspaper was delivered to various locations in the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires Area by a group of newspaper boys who captured the public’s attention.

We created a 360° photo for Facebook, introducing the newspaper boys and encouraging people to take part in the event. Activities, such as music shows and soccer tennis featuring journalists, celebrities and influencers, were held in several Mc Donald’s locations.

DISCAR, the Argentine Red Cross, Fundación ”Lautaro te necesita”, Payamédicos, Fundación Paradeportes and Fundación River were some of the NGOs and foundations involved in the event to benefit Ronald MacDonald House. Their names were included in the invitation video fully created by us and posted on social media.

As communication professionals, it is critical for us to promote actions that connect businesses to the local community. This is the essence of institutional communication, which reaches the public directly and builds brand positioning, bringing, at the same time, real profit to both people and the community alike.