Boost the growth of your company with effective communication

If your company is growing, enhancing communication is a key factor for the business.
This article tells you all about what services we can offer you to advance to the next stage.

Accompanying growth

For small and medium-sized companies, growth opportunities are always a huge challenge. Harmonizing the communication strategy with moments of expansion can sometimes seem complex.

For example, what used to be easily solved with occasional suppliers and punctual actions, may require continuity and permanent responses.

It becomes clear that it is time to propose a communication strategy attending the path to new horizons.

An effective strategy

The first step is to design and develop an internal and external communication strategy that fits the company’s needs.

The communication strategy should include the definition of clear communication objectives, the identification of audiences, the selection of appropriate communication channels, and the development of key messages.

In addition, this strategy must consider changes in the market and the possible demands of new customers.


A Tailor-Made Plan

Once the strategy has been defined, it is time to draw a plan to translate the objectives into concrete actions.

Some essential points are:

  • Brand Book: a key step on the road to professionalizing branding. Some of the elements that a brand book could include are the following:

    • Purpose: establishing it clarifies the company’s role before its customers.
    • Tone and voice: Establishing a style consistent with the company’s values is essential.
    • Style guide: rules for writing, guidelines for graphic design, and recommendations for photography and audiovisual material or videos.
    • Use of social networks: if the company has a presence in social networks, a usage policy should be established for employees, and rules should be defined for the tone and voice to be used in communications.

Look&feel: offices and facilities are spaces for socializing and face-to-face interaction with the corporate culture. Therefore, their ambiance is key to:

    • Boosting corporate identity: the look and feel help to create a coherent visual identity that reflects the company’s values and personality, establishing a clear and recognizable organizational culture.

    • Sense of belonging: a pleasant and comfortable work environment increases the sense of belonging and commitment to the company.
  • Newsletter: having a corporate newsletter allows clients to keep abreast of the company’s news, providing the possibility of measuring the interactions generated. In this way, the audience’s interest is tracked and gives the option of offering trends that attract new customers.

Website: the permanent update

Choosing to scale the corporate website and incorporating functions that generate connections with customers is one of the best ways to take the company to another level.

Static websites are a thing of the past. The content must be dynamic, allowing access to contact and service spaces. Chatbots, forms, subscriptions, educational content, and e-commerce are just some of the possibilities

Sinergia entre Comunicación Interna y Áreas de Aprendizaje

Integration with social networks and metrics enhances the reach and allows more effective communication strategies to be designed.

Audiovisual productions, a whole different chapter

Video  is an undisputed classic for giving visibility to a growing company. Let’s review some of its many and recognized advantages:

  • It is always an effective way to reach a wider audience and increase visibility. The company can reach new audiences by posting on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and social networks, generating more interaction with current and potential customers.

  • It is an effective way to convey information entertainingly and dynamically. By creating quality videos and relevant content, the company can increase viewer engagement and retain their attention for longer. 

  • Personalization and humanization: Videos allow companies to showcase their personality and values more authentically and relatable way, which can be especially important for mid-sized companies that want to establish deeper relationships with their customers and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. In addition, videos can be customized for different audience segments, increasing the relevance and impact of the communication.

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