At Oxean, we collaborate with the Top Management of companies to amplify the voice of the brands.

What is Brand Advocacy?

You have probably heard Brand Advocacy mentioned as another marketing strategy. It is the promotion of a brand by consumers and users or of a company in the case of employees (Employee Advocacy). 

The more satisfaction they find in the brand or with the company they work for, the greater the intention to spread about it in different digital channels.

However, today there is a new dimension of Brand Advocacy linked exclusively to the leaders and top management of companies and/or brands.

Brands, at the end of the day, are the people and teams that bring them to life,"

explains Tomás Criado, CEO of Epical, the technology startup of the Oxean Group. And he adds that

"in the digital ecosystem, those who occupy management roles are the voice of the company, and today more than ever, this implies a much greater impact than some time ago."

Leaders, the new digital promoters

CEOs, area or department managers, and Brand Managers are the new amplified voice of the companies’ social media strategy and their brands.

Their publications have a much higher engagement potential than corporate publications. Simply because people seek to empathize with other professionals, feel identified, be moved or inspired by what they have to tell and transmit.

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According to Edelman’s 2022 Trust Barometer, people expect to restore the cycle of trust, especially within the role of socially engaged companies. Individuals aim for corporate leadership and strive for reliable, credible, consistent, and fact-based information.

How do we work with brands and companies to build Brand Advocacy?

We develop strategies and content to achieve coordinated and disruptive communication from the company’s Top Management. A communication that, undoubtedly, must be part of and integrated into the corporate digital communication strategy.

On the other hand, company managers must understand the importance of a Brand Advocacy strategy and, above all, the impact it can have on the brand image and even on the positioning of the company’s brand or brands.

Leaders become true brand advocates, contributing to generating a positive image of the company in terms of reputation, loyalty, and trust.

It is no longer the corporate social networks but the networks of the leaders who, from their profiles, communicate the actions developed by the company, its achievements, launches, and even the recognition of their teams.

Thus, a new space appears that greatly amplifies the arrival of the company’s voice, reaching the followers of each of the people who lead the brand.

What does this service include?

The Brand Advocacy service includes within the digital channels of the companies' Top Management:

  1. Strategy design
  2. Content development
  3. Data analysis

How is it implemented?

First, "we analyzed each personal profile to set up a format that matches the strategy we will develop. Once the strategy is ready (and aligned with corporate communication), we move forward with the content development. We work side by side with the communication teams of each area",

says Tomás Criado

Finally, the analysis of the metrics is a fundamental axis for success. The KPIs are adjusted to match the objectives set by each client. The reputation of each personal profile, as well as the reach, the community that is gathered and builds loyalty, and the impact generated are some key measurements.

Brand Advocacy strategy benefits

It's time to amplify the brand voice, and those who lead the company can become great allies.

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