Employee engagement is a crucial factor for business success. In this article, we will explore the top five trends in Employee Engagement for 2024 and how they are shaping the future of work.


Assessing and managing the level of engagement in your company is essential not only for the progress of your employees but for the organization as a whole.
Engaged employees experience greater well-being, stronger retention, lower absenteeism and higher productivity.

Employee Engagement in constant evolution

Due to the changes established by the future of work, the BANI context and the characteristics of the new generations, the internal communication strategies, techniques and tools applied to strengthen the commitment of employees are constantly evolving.

Employee Engagement en constante evolución.

People’s active participation and enthusiasm in their job responsibilities and in the work environment are indicators of their commitment. Teams that show a high level of engagement tend to excel in aspects crucial to business success compared to those that do not.

A challenge ahead for companies

According to the latest Gallup report, which measures employee engagement globally, only 23% are engaged in the workplace.

This low percentage demonstrates a real problem for companies and organizations to achieve their goals and growth.

Therefore, it is essential for internal communication to understand the current dynamics and be aware of the trends to reverse this situation.

AI and automation as allies

As we have seen in other articles in our blog, Artificial Intelligence has arrived to internal communication to stay and expand. Far from being a threat, it is a real ally, even to strengthen employee engagement.

IA y employee engagement

Today, there are a variety of technological tools to enhance the experience and engagement. They’re intuitive, easy to use, and even fun!

Here are some of the most effective platforms and their benefits.

Recognition and reward platforms:

Apps such as Bonusly, Namely or Kudos allow employees to recognize and reward the good work of their colleagues in a public and meaningful way. These tools foster a culture of recognition and gratitude, which increases morale and engagement as they feel valued and appreciated for their work.

Continuous feedback platforms

Tools such as 15Five, Glint or Culture Amp allow teams to receive and give feedback in a regular and structured way. This facilitates open and honest communication between employees and managers, promoting professional development and continuous improvement, which increases satisfaction and employee engagement.

retroalimentación continua

Learning and development platforms:

Systems such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy for Business or Coursera for Business  offer access to a wide range of online learning courses and resources. These tools allow employees to develop new skills and enhance existing ones in a flexible and personalized way, increasing their engagement by providing opportunities for professional growth and personal development.

The impact of automation

On the other hand, automation has emerged as a central force that is radically changing various aspects of business in all sectors. In terms of internal communications, automation opens up a range of opportunities to optimize procedures, increase efficiency and provide more individualized communicative interactions. This gives employees peace of mind and security in an increasingly stressful and competitive work environment.

Strategic leadership in employee engagement

The role of leaders is key to provide concrete answers and certainty in times that can be difficult for companies.

Liderazgo estratégico

When employees raise difficult issues, such as inquiring about the reasons behind budget adjustments or questioning why executives continue to receive bonuses after layoffs, it is crucial that management can provide thoughtful answers and communicate them effectively. Failure to provide adequate answers not only undermines staff confidence, but can also quickly become public through social media.

Wellness & new technologies

On the other hand, new technologies are once again taking center stage through wellness and mental health platforms.

Applications such as Headspace, Calm or Virgin Pulse offer resources and activities to improve the mental and physical well-being of employees. They also help to reduce stress, improve employees’ health and mood, which increases their job satisfaction and commitment to the company.

Employee engagement: 5 trends for 2024

1 – Focus on holistic wellness

Companies are taking a more holistic approach to employee wellness that goes beyond traditional benefits such as health insurance and retirement planning. This includes mental and emotional wellness programs, access to mental health resources, work flexibility to balance personal and professional life, and physical health promotion activities such as exercise and nutrition programs.

2 – Technology for the employee experience

Companies are using technology to enhance the employee experience at all stages of the work lifecycle, from recruitment to retention. This includes the use of mobile apps and digital platforms to facilitate internal communication, employee recognition, professional development and continuous feedback.

3 – Focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

Organizations are prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in their employee engagement strategies. This involves implementing programs and policies that promote diversity at all levels of the organization, as well as creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and respected.

4 – Leadership and culture management

More attention is being paid to the role of leaders and managers in engaging employees and creating a positive organizational culture. Companies are investing in leadership development programs and management skills training to ensure that leaders are equipped to effectively inspire, motivate and support their teams.

5 – Focus on purpose and mission.

Employees are increasingly seeking a sense of purpose in their work and want to feel connected to the mission and values of the company they work for. Organizations are more effectively communicating their purpose and looking for ways to engage employees in initiatives that contribute to community well-being and positive social impact.

Liderazgo y gestión de la cultura

These trends reflect a greater understanding of the importance of employee engagement to the long-term success of organizations, as well as a focus on creating healthy and sustainable work cultures that support the well-being and growth of both employees and the company as a whole.

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