Discover how to enhance your company’s cross-company communication through an effective LinkedIn strategy. Learn the benefits of merging internal and external communication on this platform and how it can strengthen the presence of your employer brand.


In this note, we delve into this trend and zoom in on how leaders can enhance the employer brand and become great spokespeople for organizations with a LinkedIn strategy.

What is Cross Communication?

Employer branding campaigns, the dissemination of employee success stories and the promotion of customer feedback, among other strategies, are effective ways of integrating internal and external communication.

This fusion gives rise to cross communication: it recognizes that both forms of communication are interconnected and that an effective strategy must be approached jointly.

Comunicación cross estrategica

Instead of treating these two dimensions of communication independently, cross communication seeks to merge them in a coherent and strategic way to achieve common goals.

Why LinkedIn?

In this context, social networks have become powerful tools for business communication. Among these platforms, LinkedIn stands out as a space where business leaders can merge internal and external communication to strengthen your company’s presence and image.

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LinkedIn has positioned itself as the most important employment network in the world. It currently has more than 1 billion users.

How to generate a LinkedIn strategy?

Next, we will explore how to integrate these two dimensions of communication (internal and external) through a business leaders’ LinkedIn strategy.

estrategia efectiva

Boost your company’s cross-communication with LinkedIn strategy

Forging a personal brand identity

Business leaders can leverage LinkedIn to develop a strong personal brand identity that reflects the company’s values and vision. Posting relevant content, sharing opinions and engaging in relevant conversations will help establish your authority in the industry and tie your personal image to the company’s brand.

Prioritizing transparency and authenticity

Transparency and authenticity are key in both internal and external communication. Leaders can use LinkedIn to share company news, updates and accomplishments in a transparent way. In addition, showing the human side of the company by highlighting employees and sharing behind-the-scenes stories helps build strong relationships with both external and internal audiences.

Engaging your employees

LinkedIn is not only a platform for reaching potential customers, but also for engaging employees. Leaders can use the platform to recognize their achievements, share internal news and promote a positive company culture. Doing so strengthens the employees’ sense of belonging and engagement with the company, as well as consolidates the employer brand.

Promoting organizational culture

This social network provides a window to showcase a company’s organizational culture. Leaders can share posts that reflect the company’s values, mission and vision, as well as internal events, corporate social responsibility initiatives and professional development programs. This helps attract talent and keep teams motivated and engaged.

Establishing relationships and networking

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining business relationships. Leaders can use the platform to connect with customers, business partners, investors and other industry leaders. Participating in relevant groups and meaningful conversations increases company visibility and opens up opportunities for collaboration.

LinkedIn: Estrategia efectiva

Executing a cross communication strategy generating synergy between LinkedIn and internal channels is a powerful way to build a strong brand and establish meaningful relationships both inside and outside the organization.

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Discover the power of cross communication and take your company to the next level!

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