If your company needs an expert person to guide the team for a specific project, if the workload in the area of people or communications has increased significantly, or if it's going through a digital transformation process, you are in a position to hire our service and delegate the selection, training, and follow-up to us.

What's an "implant"?

An implant is a qualified and experienced person temporarily assigned to a specific area of the company, generally within people’s areas such as internal and external communications, marketing, or IT.

This service is offered by Oxean Cross, which provides companies and organizations with the entire process of search, selection, training, onboarding into the workplace, and even follow-up!

We work very closely together. We know the real needs, live and create together the corporate culture, and share their achievements in a collaborative work environment.

The solution to several problems

In general, the implant represents a very powerful tool within the organization for times when the workload is very high and a person with the appropriate training and experience is needed to lead and/or relieve an area.

Therefore, it may be necessary to bring specific expertise, procedures, and precise skills to the organization.

However, there are often situations or conditions that prevent direct hiring:

Advantages of an implant in your company

As experts in communication and organizational transformation, we at Oxean work in partnership with our clients on the Implant service. We take a close look at the needs of the companies to select the best profile according to the objectives to be achieved.

Our way of working is a great return because your people area will save time and resources. Likely, you don’t even know what skills and competencies the profile requires to perform the assigned tasks. In any case, we conduct the entire selection process together, as the company makes the final decision on which person best fits not only the profile but also the organizational culture.

Implant, your partner in digital transformation

At Wise Work, the consulting firm that specializes in agility within our ecosystem, we’ve been working with Prosegur for more than a year as part of the Implant service.

Ana Morcillo, Global Agile Transformation Manager at Prosegur, shares her experience,

"It's been a mutual collaboration space that goes beyond a simple service company focused on agility and diversity. I'd particularly like to highlight the quick and comprehensive search for solutions when needed, the personalized advice, the monitoring of the services provided during the contract period, and the bonus of humanity and understanding. In addition, their accessibility for any additional services beyond the signed contract reassured me that they not only provide professional services but are also excellent people. Without a doubt, I recommend them."

Having an implant in the team makes the whole work process more dynamic. Whether in communication, agility, or other specific areas, Oxean offers a service that meets the needs of any organization.

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