Organizations open to innovation and creativity get better results. Optimize your Internal Communication strategy to boost creativity at all levels of your organization. Find out how in this article!

We are all creative

Whether you are a finance manager, customer service or head of the legal department, we can all be creative! Creativity is inherent in each of us, regardless of our role in the company.

Don’t we show tremendous creativity in adapting to constant change? This capacity for elastic thinking allows us to innovate, generate solutions to everyday problems and even improve our products and services, even within the various areas that make up companies. The good news is that creativity can be cultivated on a regular basis!

What is creativity and what is it for?

Creativity in business involves generating novel, original and innovative ideas that lead to unique solutions, improvements in products or processes and, ultimately, to the success and competitive advantage of the company.

¿Qué es la creatividad y para qué sirve?

Creativity is not limited to the communication, design or marketing department; it is a valuable quality at all levels and in all areas of an organization.

Encouraging it does not reduce productivity; on the contrary, it revitalizes employees, especially those who work remotely or in geographically dispersed teams.

How does creativity manifest itself?

  1. By generating innovative ideas:
    • Involves thinking beyond conventional solutions.
    • Proposing new and unique approaches to address challenges or take advantage of opportunities.
  1. Seeking solutions:
    • Creativity manifests itself in the ability to find original solutions, even for seemingly unsolvable problems.
  1. Driving innovation:

    • Creativity is closely related to the ability to innovate.
    • Creative ideas translate into new products, improved services or more efficient processes.
    • It fosters initiative by encouraging employees to come up with new ideas, regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy.

  2. Positive work environment:

    • A company culture that fosters creativity values diversity of thought, collaboration and the freedom to express ideas without fear of judgment.


  3. Adaptability:

    • Creative companies are able to adapt to changes in the business environment.
    • Creativity allows them to find new ways to address challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


  4. Continuous learning:

    • Creativity is related to constant learning.
    • Creative organizations foster an environment where people can continuously learn and experiment.

  5. Collaboration:

    • Creativity often flourishes in a collaborative environment where ideas can be shared, debated and improved through interaction with others.


What role does internal communication play in creativity?

CI can truly be an ally in fostering and promoting creativity.

By using online communication platforms to facilitate real-time collaboration, CI promotes the creation of multidisciplinary working groups to address specific challenges and facilitate the connection between teams located in different parts of the world.

¿Qué es la creatividad y para qué sirve?

On the other hand, as internal communication stimulates dialogue and feedback on an ongoing basis, it promotes an environment in which teams feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

Internal communication strategies to boost creativity

These internal communication strategies not only boost creativity, but also strengthen organizational culture. Integrate them to boost your company’s performance:

Promoting diversity of thought

  • Recognize and value diverse perspectives.
  • Encourage inclusion and diversity to foster variety of ideas.

Use of online collaboration tools

  • Virtual whiteboards.
  • Teamwork platforms.
  • Chat rooms.

Virtual brainstorming sessions and hackathons

  • Generate new ideas and solutions in a collaborative manner.

Incentive to training and development programs

  • Foster a culture of continuous learning.
  • Learning from successes and failures.

Participation in inspiring conferences and events

  • Support attendance at events that provide new perspectives.

Implementation of emerging technologies

  • Virtual or augmented reality to enhance collaboration and creativity.
  • Especially useful for globally distributed teams.
promover la creatividad desde CI

Why promote creativity from internal communication?

Encouraging creativity in a company offers a number of significant benefits that can have a positive impact on various aspects of business performance and success. Here are some key reasons to encourage creativity in a company:

  • More innovation
  • Generate competitive advantage
  • Greater adaptability
  • Problem solving
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Improve employer branding
  • Develop leadership
  • Do you still have doubts about why it is important to promote creativity from internal communication? At Oxean, we can help you think together about strategies and initiatives that encourage creativity in your company.

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