During 2023, internal communication underwent significant changes, becoming a terrain where creativity and technology merge to enhance human connection. As we reflect on this period, we also glimpse into the future, exploring how organizations will adapt and evolve in 2024.

Creativity at the heart of transformation

During 2023, we have witnessed the consolidation of a more inclusive and collaborative culture, where diversity of voices and perspectives is celebrated as an invaluable asset. This transformation not only defines who we are, but also how we communicate and connect with each other. Moreover, in this context, ESG criteria are increasingly embedded in the culture of companies. All of this drives new ways of thinking from creativity and internal communication.

"Undoubtedly, during 2024 we will have a great challenge ahead of us, where beyond the irruption of new technologies, we must not stop focusing on people. Creativity in teams will be the differential value in the search for solutions to problems that may arise in such a volatile and changing context. That is where CI will be to provide answers, always thinking of the human being as the protagonist of communication",
reflects Ariel Herrera, Founder, Board Member and Executive VP of Oxean.
Colaboradores trabajando juntos en proyectos creativos de comunicación interna

Synergy between internal communication and education

The synergy between internal communication areas and education actions has been central during 2023. Companies foster knowledge environments, within a culture of continuous learning.

We are convinced that learning and communication are inseparable allies in our journey towards growth and excellence.

"Over the past few years, technology, communications and ways of learning have evolved tremendously. And in 2023 it was even more noticeable and palpable for many people. The connection between internal communication and development/learning areas will be vital to adopt the new tools and enhance the work",
says Natalia Galucho, Head of People at Oxean.

Deepening the Staff Augmentation model

The deepening of the Staff Augmentation model has proven to be a solid strategy for our clients. Through Oxean In House we have strengthened teams with specialized talent, driving innovation and providing adaptability according to needs. Supporting people to develop professionally is one of the foundations of this service.

Colaboración de personas creativas en estrategias de comunicación interna
"At People, we are looking for profiles that embrace change and understand that the focus is on taking advantage of new technologies as allies to our value proposition. The challenge is always to accompany people in this process, so that they can make their own way in the reconversion of their profiles, acquiring the skills of the future",
Natalia tells us.

Navigating change

We can say that evolution was one of the constants of 2023. We have been part of the strategies of organizations that have adapted, transforming their internal communication approaches and strategies to keep up with a constantly changing world.

"If anything defines the year that is ending, it is the dynamism of a changing context. It is noticeable in the way in which organizations are rethinking their day-to-day, which usually brings challenges that in many cases were not foreseen in their plans",
explains Diego Caggiano, Head of Content at Oxean.
Imagen de creatividad innovadora en la comunicación interna

Trends that set the tone

The rise of artificial intelligence and the immersion in the languages of social networks have been some of the trends that have set the tone. Artificial intelligence, in particular, is shaping up to be a vital tool for the coming year, expanding our capabilities and allowing us to explore new horizons.

"2024 is going to show a similar panorama, with the advancement of AI in different areas, a tendency to create synergy between communication and education, and a language that is going to approach styles such as TikTok, X, or some other platform or technology that we may not imagine today, but that may emerge and generate a new scenario."
adds Diego Caggiano

2023 represented a year of evolution, adaptation and growth. As we move into the next chapter, we renew our commitment to excellence in internal communication.

We are eager to embrace new opportunities and challenges together with every customer.

Shall we project 2024 together?