The new work formats, whether in-person, hybrid, or remote, require an effective internal communication strategy to ensure employee connection and engagement. This article explores how to adapt and strengthen internal communication in these changing contexts.

Solution vs. complexity

Adapting to the modern work world

Today’s work environment demands that internal communication constantly adapt and evolve to keep up with the trends and needs of companies and their employees.

While there has been a sustained return to in-person work, hybrid and remote models remain relevant. Each company, based on its business particulars, internal audience characteristics, and external customer service, finds the best-fitting scheme.
This complexity, coupled with the BANI (brittle, anxious, non-linear, incomprehensible) context, requires robust internal communication to respond effectively.

The value of in-person interactions

Benefits of in-person work

Returning to in-person work provides the opportunity to reimagine and revitalize workspaces.
Although online work modes have proven effective in many cases, the importance of in-person work and its benefits for internal communication within companies should be highlighted:

  • Face-to-face interaction facilitates clearer and more effective communication, reducing misunderstandings and promoting closer collaboration.

  • Physical presence helps build a solid corporate culture, fostering a sense of belonging and cohesion among employees.

  • The in-person environment offers better opportunities for learning and professional development through mentoring and on-the-job training.

  • Direct supervision allows for a more accurate evaluation of performance and productivity, providing immediate feedback.
Ejecución creativa.

Building the work environment

Strategies to strengthen organizational culture

At oxean, we design work environments with our clients that reinforce organizational culture, promoting collaboration and creativity. 

Additionally, we incorporate in-person events and actions into the internal communication strategy to promote team interaction, crucial for strengthening bonds between coworkers.

How to maintain balance

According to a recent telework study by EADA:

  • the hybrid formula, with one or two days of telework per week, is the most popular.

  • the main advantages of telework are flexible hours, work-life balance, and reduced commuting time.

  • the main barriers to telework are the lack of physical space at home, family interruptions, and difficulty maintaining concentration.

  • companies that do not offer telework may lose talent, especially among younger generations and women.

  • 33% of respondents recognize disconnection from their coworkers and work environment.

this survey demonstrates that companies must maintain flexibility and agree on the best way of working for their teams.


trabajos híbridos y remotos

Keeping people connected

Promoting in-person actions that go beyond simple meetings is a very good strategy. it is important to design experiences that generate closeness and a sense of belonging, fundamental for employee motivation and well-being.

Workshops, team-building activities, and corporate events are just some of the initiatives we implement to enrich the office work experience.


promover la creatividad desde CI

However, we recognize the importance and advantages of hybrid and remote work. These models offer flexibility and adapt to the individual needs of employees, which can translate into greater satisfaction and productivity.

Improving internal communication in hybrid or remote modalities

At oxean, we design internal communication strategies that ensure information flow regardless of team members’ physical location. together with our clients, we design internal communication that adapts to their work modality, whether in-person, hybrid, or remote. to do this, we integrate tools that complement virtual spaces with:

  • Communication tools for instant messaging and video conferences.

  • Creating content for virtual campuses.

  • Establishing clear norms on how and when to communicate.

  • Promoting transparency by sharing updates regularly and ensuring everyone is included in meetings.

  • Strengthening corporate culture through virtual events and recognition of achievements.

  • Training employees in the effective use of digital tools and good communication practices.

Enhancing the sense of belonging

Internal communication must be versatile and adaptive, covering all possible work formats. at oxean, we are committed to creating and executing strategic plans that maximize the advantages of in-person work without losing sight of the importance of hybrid and remote work. this way, we aim to strengthen the connection and sense of community among all employees, fostering a more united and productive work environment.

Internal communication in face-to-face, hybrid and remote environments.

If your company needs to strengthen internal communication in complex work schemes, oxean is ready to help maximize your strategy.

Contact us today and let's enhance your internal communication together!