Celebrate an unforgettable year-end with a memorable and innovative event, strengthening organisational culture, recognising efforts and celebrating achievements.

It's time to start planning

The end of the year is a crucial time for any company: balance sheets, results, evaluation of objectives and goals. But it is also an opportunity to recognise achievements and to strengthen the bonds between areas and people in the teams. Is there a better way to do this than through a memorable and unique year-end event?

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At Oxean, we are specialists in generating high-impact year-end events. Beyond the organization of the event, it is about creating an experience that reflects the essence and values of the organizations.

The value of Storytelling

What story do you want to tell? This question is the key to start the ideation process of the event. Undoubtedly, one of the keys to an unforgettable event lies in the power of Storytelling.

At Oxean, we understand that every company has its own story, its own mission and its own vision. And, undoubtedly, the year that is leaving also has a story to tell. Therefore, we propose, through a captivating narrative, to connect participants with the deepest purpose of your organization.


Creating a Unique Experience

A Customized Event

Imagine an event where every moment, every activity and every speech is carefully aligned with your company’s story. Every employee feels an essential part of the story, and every partner understands the unique value they bring to the table. This is the power of Storytelling applied to year-end events.

"This story, which is the common thread of the whole event, also incorporates new technologies. Because we know that this event has to be WOW, to captivate, to ignite each of the people who make up the company, that this year they gave everything to achieve the results and that we must motivate them for the following year. So, together with the People area, we look for the best tools to tell that story, which can range from videos, interviews and surveys to virtual reality or gaming experiences",
explains Ariel Herrera, Founder, Board Member & Executive VP of Grupo Oxean.

Investment in Organizational Culture

A well-conceived year-end event is not just a celebration; it is an investment in organizational culture. It is a time when successes are celebrated, efforts are recognized and the tone is set for the coming year.

At Oxean, we not only create the story, but also bring it to reality. From the selection of the ideal locations to the integral logistics, every detail is carefully taken care of. The result is a fluid event, where participants are completely immersed in the experience.

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Celebrate to continue growing

"In our experience, we know that the benefits are immediate and tangible: it strengthens people's commitment, increases motivation and promotes a sense of belonging. It is a shared moment that strengthens bonds and sets the course for the organization's growth".
adds Ariel
Unique Experience

Undoubtedly, this investment in organizational culture will have a direct effect on team performance and productivity throughout the coming year.

If you are already planning your year-end event with the purpose of enhancing the organizational culture and preparing your company for next year, contact us today to start preparing together a memorable experience.

At Oxean, we focus on creativity and innovation to generate memorable events.

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