Discover how asynchronous communication can boost productivity in your company. In a hybrid work context, we need to be effective in internal communication and asynchronous communication is ideal to achieve it.

Tackling the Internal Spam Problem

Nowadays, it is common for emails to accumulate without response, which can lead to important information being lost. In addition, the results of internal communication plans can fall short of expectations.

A June 2023 McKinsey survey of employees at 50 companies highlights that many companies still struggle to adopt truly hybrid working models.

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An interesting finding from the survey is that approximately 37% of respondents expect to see more adoption of Asynchronous Communication and integration of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to facilitate interactions with colleagues in the near future.

But what is Asynchronous Communication all about?

What does asynchronous communication really mean and how can it benefit your business? Here are some key guidelines.

Guidelines for Implementing Asynchronous Communication:

  • Establish a variety of communication channels: use tools such as emails, instant messaging platforms (such as Slack or Microsoft Teams), project management systems and document collaboration tools (such as Google Workspace, Trello or Microsoft Office) to facilitate asynchronous communication. As well as internal CI apps or social networks.

  • Define clear communication protocols: set rules and expectations for how and when different communication channels should be used. For example, you can reserve email for formal communications and chat or social media for more dynamic conversations.


  • Encourage transparency and openness: make sure that all team members feel comfortable sharing information and asking questions, even when they are not online at the same time.


  • Document key information: use collaborative tools to keep a record of discussions, decisions and important documents. This facilitates access to information for those who were not present in real time.


  • Set Reasonable Response Times: It is important to set clear expectations about when a response is expected. This avoids misunderstandings and frustrations.


  • Promotes Autonomy: let employees make decisions when necessary.


  • Encourage feedback and collaboration: schedule meetings to review progress and plan future actions.


  • Train your team: provide resources and training on how to write clear and concise emails, as well as how to communicate effectively through instant messaging and document sharing.
    You can provide training through asynchronous education, so that each employee can access the content as often as needed and can train at their own pace and schedule.


  • Encourages Empathy: recognises and respects the communication preferences of employees.


  • Continuous evaluation: regularly review the effectiveness of your communication channels and look for ways to improve them. Ask for feedback from team members and adjust your strategies as necessary.
    Remember that the key to quality internal communication is adaptability and a willingness to evolve with the needs of your team and organisation.
¿Pero de qué se trata la Comunicación Asincrónica?

Content Customisation

Segmentation is key to ensure that content is relevant and appropriate for each group.

Creativity for Asynchronous Communication :

This will determine the choice of channels to include, as well as the formats and types of content. The more creative they are, the more likely it is that the content will be consumed.

Videos, podcasts, tablets, teaser capsules, dynamic and engaging presentations, internal social networks are some of the examples we can include.

Resources for everyday life:

Teams need resources for their day-to-day work and effective internal communication so that they are not overloaded with information and do not neglect content. This will allow them to focus on their objectives and at the same time feed themselves with valuable tools and content for their daily work.

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