Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to the day-to-day work of internal communications can be a great ally. Making the most of its potential, generating relevant content, automating tasks and personalising messages on a global scale requires planning and strategy.

Demystifying Magic: AI as an Ally

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed businesses around the world. In the beginning, it was more related to machine learning and the use of data. Until, in 2022, Chat GPT 3.0 burst in to revolutionise any area of a company.

According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the AI market is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. According to this study, it is projected to increase twenty-fold in value from almost 100 billion US dollars by 2030 to almost two trillion US dollars.

Artificial intelligence in various industries

AI is present in a wide variety of industries, from supply chains to marketing and analytics. Chatbots, generative AI and mobile apps are key trends that will further drive its development. Generative AI is opening up new opportunities for innovation in Internal Communication.

Ia en comunicacion interna

AI may seem like a concept shrouded in mystery and magic, but in reality, it is a powerful tool that can boost companies’ internal communication. How? By enabling an effective start to the content ideation and generation process.

AI in the daily work of internal communication

"The adoption of artificial intelligence tools is happening, slowly in some areas and much faster in others, but it is definitely happening. What we notice is that this progress is not the same for everyone: there are communication, content creation and design teams that were able to successfully incorporate it into their day-to-day work and others that are still working in a more traditional way and looking at artificial intelligence a little bit from afar",

explains Diego Caggiano Head of Contents of Oxeancross

and adds that

"The key is to understand what it is really for in each case. From my experience in content creation, I can say that one of its greatest contributions is in generating initial ideas to start the work processes. That is where energy and time are optimised. The possibility of visualising an idea almost instantaneously, deciding if it is the right way or if it needs to be reformulated, is a great facility in the creation of content, whether creative, educational or otherwise".

Artificial intelligence and internal communication - for what and how?

Predictive Analytics for Relevant Content

AI has the ability to analyse large amounts of data to identify trends and patterns, allowing it to predict relevant topics for employees and create content that truly resonates and maintains interest.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Can you imagine freeing up valuable time for your team? By automating tasks such as scheduling posts, answering frequent queries or even personalising messages according to the profile of each collaborator, it allows your team to focus on more strategic and creative activities.

Creative Content Generation

While creativity is a human gift, AI can be an endless source of inspiration. There are currently numerous generative AI apps such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E, among others that can help in the generation of ideas for campaigns, motivational messages and multimedia content.

Personalisation on a Global Scale

In global companies, AI can tailor messages for diverse audiences, taking into account cultural, geographic and linguistic factors. This ensures that every employee feels valued and understood, regardless of their location.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Communication:

AI provides detailed metrics on how that content is being received. This gives us the ability to adjust our communication strategy in an agile and data-driven way.

Without humanity, nothing

It is important to remember that AI does not replace the human essence of CI. Instead, it is a valuable ally that frees up time and energy for communications professionals to focus on what they do best: understanding the needs of employees and conveying the company’s message authentically and effectively.

IA en el trabajo diario de comunicación interna

At Oxean, we are committed to making the most of innovative tools such as Artificial Intelligence to take internal communication to the next stage.

Ready to find out how AI can boost your CI strategy? We're here to join you in your challenges!

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