Discover the strategic value of corporate anniversaries. More than just dates on the calendar, these events are unique opportunities to drive business growth and employee engagement.

How do we generate interest?

This was the question that a CEO of a large multinational company asked Oxean, called upon to design a strategy for the 25th anniversary of his company.
In a context in which teams are located in different countries, with a heavy workload and diversity of ages and hierarchies, the challenge is to co-create an experience that involves each and every member of the company, and that has a concrete impact on employee engagement.

celebrar el Aniversario de nuestra empresa

The strategic importance of business anniversaries

Undoubtedly, an anniversary is a great event to celebrate, especially when it is a considerable number. Thinking about the company’s storytelling is an excellent opportunity to review not only the beginnings but also the growth and expansion of the company, as well as the major milestones that made it possible.

La estrategia

Anniversary with impact

The celebration is a fact, but how do we make it transcend and not remain just a date marked on the calendar? At Oxean, as a cross agency specialized in internal communication, we understand that a corporate anniversary is an excellent opportunity to:

Strengthen corporate identity:

Corporate anniversaries provide an opportunity to reaffirm the company’s core values and unique identity. This strengthens employees’ sense of belonging by reminding them of the broader purpose behind their daily work.

Generate engagement and motivation:

By recognizing and celebrating collective achievements during corporate anniversaries, a sense of community is reinforced and a positive and motivating work environment is created. This increases employee commitment and motivation to continue giving their best in the future.

Build internal and external relationships:

Corporate anniversaries are ideal times to strengthen both internal and external relationships. Not only do they bring teams together to celebrate together, but they also allow for the involvement of customers, suppliers, business partners and the community at large. These interactions strengthen business relationships and create new opportunities for collaboration.

Cast a vision for the future:

These business events offer the opportunity to look ahead and project an exciting vision of the company’s future. Inspiring employees and stakeholders with ambitious goals and objectives not only motivates them to work towards a common goal, but also strengthens the company’s position in the marketplace and ensures its continued success in the years to come.

Aniversarios Corporativos

The strategic value of Corporate Anniversaries

We design a strategy tailored to your organization:

  • Stage 1: we immerse ourselves in an active listening of your needs and carry out an exhaustive survey of your organization to see opportunities that will serve as pillars in the development of your event and pre, during and post actions that will enhance it.
  • Stage 2: with the information gathered, we create a comprehensive strategy for the celebration of the corporate anniversary. We define clear objectives and elaborate a detailed plan that guarantees the coherence and success of the event.
  • Stage 3: in this stage, we focus on:
    • The design and production of content to bring the event’s identity to life.
    • We work together to conceptualize the storytelling, theme, name and branding of the anniversary, making sure to capture the essence and personality of your company.
    • In addition, we take care of the creation of impactful visual elements and captivating narratives that will connect emotionally with relevant audiences, thus generating a greater impact and participation in the event.
  • Stage 4: we take care of coordinating all logistical aspects necessary for the execution of the event. From the selection of locations to the setting of spaces, we take care of every detail to guarantee a smooth and memorable experience. We also coordinate the production of promotional materials, such as merchandising and videos, to increase the impact and visibility of the event both inside and outside the company.
    Stage 5: we implement Agility & Change Management services to drive the growth and adaptability of your team. We develop initiatives that promote the commitment, motivation and sense of belonging of the collaborators, thus strengthening the organizational culture.
    Stage 6: after the event, we carry out an exhaustive evaluation of the results obtained. We analyze relevant metrics to identify achievements and areas for improvement, ensuring continued success in future celebrations and corporate events.
Aniversario con impacto

If your company is approaching an important anniversary and you are looking for ways to make it special, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you design a unique strategy to make this event a memorable and impactful experience.

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