Redcom is a new way of managing internal communication at Arcor, which earned the Group an Eikon Award in January.

From Oxean, we have been accompanying the development of our client’s internal network, and without any doubt, the app occupies one of the star places, since it allows each collaborator to feel part of the change, have a space to be heard and effective and immediate access to information.

The challenges of a multinational and industrial-based company

Being a multinational and industrial-based company, Arcor needed to create a model that could  connect more than 21,000 people who develop in different bases and countries.

In turn, the geographical dispersion of the entire Group, as well as the diverse reality of each plant, base or office made it necessary for each one to have its own management of its communications.

Historically, communications and channels in Arcor were managed from the corporate communication area.
The new model implied a decentralization that combined the local internal communication of each base / plant / office with the corporate internal communication.

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A new stage

With Redcom, internal communication at Arcor became a strategic and transformative tool, at the service of business objectives.

From Oxean we were able to work with them since the incorporation of this ambitious plan, in the development of a content management system based on a double entry grid for local and corporate information, aimed at consolidating the sense of community and identity among collaborators.

In turn, we created the Redcom App launch campaign, which we were able to implement beyond the pandemic context. One year after its launch, the application, voluntarily downloaded, already has more than 8,900 active users, fluid informative, social and interactive content and, above all, a space where we can be closer when we need it most.

“The high level of acceptance is a very important achievement, which is celebrated by those of us who worked on the project this year. By 2021, we aim to reinforce the sense of regionality, starting with the incorporation of the app in Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador. On the other hand, we will continue to consolidate the work together with Arcor's Network of Internal Communication Referees, who play a fundamental role in the incorporation of this tool, not only in communication but also in the culture of the organization ”,

Laura Anapolsky , Oxean's strategic consultant.

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