We began with the design of some graphic pieces. But in a short time, our team became involved in several projects and programs strategic for the company.

We tell you today all about the progress of the FATE case.

In April of this year, we began to work with FATE’s Communication team, providing support in designing some graphic pieces that publicized specific actions related to COVID-19.

"After a short time, we realized that the pieces were losing effectiveness since they were being advertised in the same way as a promotion or a benefit, all under the same aesthetics, and were not being differentiated. From there, together with OXEAN, we began to design a COVID-19 Awareness Campaign strategically,"

said Florencia Gonzalez, FATE's Training, Development, and Internal Communications Coordinator.

Challenges we face

The first challenge we faced was that the message, spread through each graphic piece, would reach the office and plant audiences with the same effectiveness.

The copywriting had to be clear, attractive, and assertive. Each of the graphic pieces had to convey the importance of the care that each team member had to take and inform about the security actions that the company had implemented within the context of the pandemic.

On the other hand, we developed a design based on the company’s branding, including a certain freshness and closeness, inviting people to read the message.

This was just the beginning of a path that we started to walk together.

Didactic short films to involve the teams

FATE needed to communicate, in a more attractive way, to its plant teams, their program to detect possible deviations or losses with the ultimate goal of improving processes. Therefore, we generated audiovisual pieces.

Motion graphics videos allow communicating various concepts in a didactic, entertaining and straightforward way. Animated illustrations, together with overprinted text and voice-over, are highly effective when the organization needs to provide recommendations, explain processes and/or disclose a large amount of data.

We reformulated the Scholarship Campaign

The FATE Scholarship Program is a classic. However, the modality of participation, which was based on the academic results of the children’s collaborators, was not possible after the COVID-19 pandemic: the schools changed the grading modality, replacing the numerical evaluation with conceptual evaluations.

Although this was initially seen as a limitation, it provided an opportunity further to democratize the participation of families in need of assistance.

We proposed ourselves:

Together with the FATE team, we developed a playful and motivating action that rewards effort and knowledge and invites families to participate jointly in the 2021 Scholarships.

In addition, we introduced the vertical of innovation and technology through Kahoot!, a platform that allows the creation of playful quizzes, where the competitors answer questions, and the winners are determined by score.

Through Machine Learning + Gamification methodologies, the FATE Challenge proposes challenging, entertaining, and motivating instances of participation and learning.

We thank the entire FATE team for all these months of working together and their willingness to always go for more, accepting changes and new ways of communicating.

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