Digital app development for brand launch.

The brand found it difficult to generate the interest of specialized journalists in participating in the test drive for the new vehicle that Porsche was about to launch.

To attract the specialized media through an innovative action.

We decided to develop a digital app, optimized for an iPad with 4G, that would be installed in the car. It included information about the vehicle and the tour they would do, but with an additional game that enabled them to be part of a ranking which included all participating journalists. As a result, they could see who was driving with a better autonomy/fuel consumption relation (because vehicles are hybrid).


Furthermore, the app leveraged the Google Maps API to show the route and the location of the car by means of a GPS. It would also suggest different routes so the driver could get to know Miami and its historic places, in addition to other maps that included places for charging the battery or getting gasoline.

The app could also be used to post things on social media, such as the ranking position of the user or pictures taken during the drive..

We attracted the interest of the press, increasing media engagement and extending the scope of the launch.