Working for more than a decade with a company requires something fundamental: mutual trust. That word is what supports the ability to receive comments, criticisms and improvements, but above all the capacity of adapting to changes and the needs of each client. And that define us, Oxean Cross Agency.

Teamwork to improve internal communication

That is the main strength that we put into play in all these years together with Arcor, which beyond its great dimension in the business world is still a family business, with family values ​​and where the teams are considered a family.

The work carried out together with Arcor – which fortunately generate new challenges day by day – basically consists of internal communication; although in recent years we have done some work that could be considered more external and focused on institutional relations also began to be carried out.

First stage of work

“The first stage was led by Alberto Rafael, and the second by me; in both cases of course with a great team behind it, which changed according to the needs of our partner. We went from being responsible for 5 graphic newsletters to facing a ‘digital revolution’ from the Redcom app and Redcom TV (the digital and television network, respectively). This new dynamic and these new resources forced us to diversify”

Says Ariel Herrera, founder, board member and vice president of Oxean.

Second stage of work

In the second stage, the work exceeded the limits of the company’s internal communication to also focus on Linkedin profiles, especially in relation to sustainability and quality.

“The relationship with Arcor began with an internal communication campaign on Sustainability Policies and from there we did not stop working, initially with Diego Caggiano and Diego Beluje. Throughout these 11 years we have been changing, growing and adapting together with them to the paradigm shifts that we are all experiencing. We wanted to work for them and once we succeeded, we made an effort to be at the level of a strategic partner that has a lot of content from the point of view of internal communication. In addition, we made and do with them video pieces for external communication, manuals, etc.”,

Says Alberto Rafael, partner and board member of Oxean.

Sustainability in internal communication: commemoration for 10 years

In 2020 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the company’s sustainable policy internal communication campaign, which was the first work of the Arcor – Oxean Cross society. So it was a very important anniversary for Oxean.

“If I have to think about our work together with Arcor, the most important thing is mutual trust, professionalism and commitment with which we carry out each project. The challenges are many, and the desire to achieve them, many more! And at Oxean we have a great design, editing and content team, which accompanies the comprehensive management of each campaign. One of the achievements that I could highlight of this last year that I got on this ship was the launch of the Redcom App, which in 2020 won an Eikon Award, and thanks to the conviction and solidity of the Oxean-Arcor team, it was possible to implement with great success, despite the context of the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Postulates Laura Anapolsky, Oxean's account consultant and who for a year has been in charge of the relationship with Arcor.
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“It has been a pleasure for us to work with Oxean Cross for 11 years. We started with very small projects and over time we built a relationship of mutual learning, where trust, collaboration and the search for excellence are the pillars for daily work adds Lázaro Quintin, Manager of Institutional Communication at Arcor and Complete: “During this period, we obtained great achievements, results and we were awarded more than once. If I have to highlight something, it is the internal communication campaign that we launched at the end of 2020, for the 10 years of Arcor’s Sustainability Policy ”.

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Key internal communication and educational platform

“One of the pillars of Arcor is undoubtedly its internal communication because it has many divisions, which have their brands. Therefore, the management of communications - both globally and in each brand - is something very important for them. From this premise, messages of general interest as well as particular issues are generated and disseminated ”

Remarks Diego Caggiano, content director and board member of Oxean.

“I had the pleasure of worked at Oxean 14 years ago as an Account Executive. At the agency I learned a lot about communication with large companies and it was one of the most important places in my professional training. Today I have to be on the client’s side, and I am proud to celebrate with the agency 11 years of joint work focused on improving communication. For projects to be successful, its necessary to have not only good campaigns, but also a large human group. Congratulations Oxean, ¡For 11 more years! ”,
Says Silvina Marzano, Head of Internal Communications Corp. at Grupo Arcor.

Another work that is worth mentioning of these 11 years of teamwork is the Arcor Prize for Innovation, an institutional campaign; as well as the accompaniment of the educational platform that the company has, and from which it offers courses.

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Working with Arcor is a permanent challenge. You have to evolve. That also means changing and we adapt to that change. They always opened the door for us and allowed us to work with confidence. Together we can see mistakes, modify, criticize each other constructively and continue to grow. True to our premise, we are partners and not suppliers ”

Ariel Herrera.

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