In a renewed version of Open Doors, where McDonald's opens its kitchens to publicize its processes, we worked with the brand in a campaign in which influencers and journalists participated.

Under the slogan #OpenToAll, the campaign moved to the social networks to open the conversation on those issues that represent the brand: Nutrition and Health, Quality, First Formal Employment, Recycling, and Diversity and Inclusion


Since 2014, Arcos Dorados has opened the doors of its McDonald’s brand stores to make the quality and hygiene processes in the preparation of hamburgers transparent.

What is Open Doors?

Open Doors allows its customers to know the kitchen and grasp firsthand how each ingredient is worked daily.

As part of the “International Day of Transparency,” which was celebrated last Monday, September 27, McDonald’s presented a new edition of Open Doors, which has already allowed more than 15 million people in Latin America to learn how the most famous hamburgers and fries in the world are prepared.

Due to the capacity limits allowed in restaurants because of the pandemic, the classic program was moved to social networks. With transparency on each product’s elaboration process, all of the audience’s questions got answered.

Open to All

From Oxean Cross Internal Communications, together with the McDonald’s team, we activated the #OpenToAll Campaign, which would emulate the in-person experience and virtually show the kitchens through the visit of influencers and journalists to their stores.

We set a dual purpose:

How did we do it?

Undoubtedly, one more step to show the importance of transparency as an essential value for McDonald's and a new work action that feeds our history with the brand.

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