Maimi Office Move Communications Plan

The employees of Mastercard Miami had to move to an open concept workspace, which meant a great paradigm shift for the entire team.

To generate a cultural shift in the employees’ everyday lives and to get closer to them.
To generate a positive attitude towards change and a sense of improvement for everyone.

Considering that an office relocation is much more than a physical change, but rather a change that has an impact on the entire culture of an organization, we suggested that all Mastercard employees choose an internal influencer to establish empathy and build stronger bonds with everyone.

Mastercard Miami

This person played a key role, by telling stories through short and funny videos aimed at highlighting the benefits of the relocation and guiding the team throughout the process.

Mastercard Miami

This person became the project ambassador, who laid down the guidelines for every step of the process and who finally welcomed everyone to the new workspace on moving day.


 The campaign was successful at making the process easier, and gaining acceptance among the employees, who embraced the proposal with enthusiasm.