Working in both internal and external communication of a company or organization involve being part of it, adding, sharing and feeling a bit of your own. That of course requires mutual trust, but also independence and autonomy to propose and execute decisions.

Pillars of work and cross-communication

“Working with Arcos Dorados gave us the opportunity to grow. That confidence with which we worked from the beginning and the fact that they do not see us as a supplier but as a 'leg' of their work undoubtedly contributed to us thinking about communication in a more cross way, as our name indicates. We were and we are very committed and ingrained with the work, with providing service, with knowing the culture of the company and that means that we can, for example, provide solutions and do it quickly, but also coordinate and enhance the work of other suppliers”

details Ariel Herrera, founder, board member and vice president of Oxean.

This includes an evolution at the same time, which is what a partner requires (at Oxean Cross we like to think of our clients that way) of this size.

Joint internal communication

Arcos Dorados, with whom we are celebrating 20 years of work, has a work philosophy that fits with ours. So what we do together with them is set goals. The client comes up with an idea and is very open about the proposals”,

highlights Román Druchas, Oxean Cross Operational Consultant in communication.

By having this work methodology, inevitably a very strong bond was created from the work and the personal, which is very important when developing a communication plan. This includes the participation of Oxean Cross as an agency but also as a consultant and strategic advisor.

In other words, it is not only about developing and producing pieces or campaigns (with all that that implies) but also about thinking and conceiving them.

“From the communications area, Oxean gives us continuous support in the creation of campaigns, presentations, and content for the brand’s social networks; as well as the design of communication strategies on different topics (product launches, social actions with the community, relationships with audiences, sustainability, etc.). The works are mainly focused on the external public (press, influencers, clients)” says Florencia Ludmila Santucho, head of Corporate Communications at Arcos Dorados.

Campaigns that made history

In these 20 years Oxean Cross has been growing, changing, adding people and evolving along with the client. This dynamic is undoubtedly an asset when it comes to building and sustaining this long-lasting relationship

“Alberto, Ariel, Valeria, Román are the names that have been part of Arcos Dorados in these 20 years, giving course to a wide and specialized team. We adapt, we grow, we evolve with them, and that makes us feel very proud because it is part of what explains the joint work of two decades”,

says Ariel Herrera.

“Regarding the campaigns, we can highlight the McDonald’s Summer in the framework of which Oxean Cross does the same, but we also act as coordinators of all the suppliers. We have been doing that 8 years ago, and this last summer was the first that we executed remotely due to the pandemic. We also did many product launches, and we worked with audiovisual materials. The work methodology is very agile and you can see that: every February and March we put together plans and set objectives in a work that on our part is not only about listening but also about proposing, and on their part it is very open and receptive” , Román comments.

For Florencia Santucho “Hand in Hand to the World Cup”, McDonald’s 30 years in Argentina, the launch of the Signature by McDonald’s line, and the “Open Doors” and “Young Employment” programs are part of the notable work milestones of these 20 years together.

Arcos Dorados needs to work with people to whom it transmits what it wants, and that those people in turn can 'download' that to their team and suppliers, and that is what we do. We are united on the same path ”,

summarizes Ariel Herrera.


The awards or recognitions are an incentive to work together. That is why it is worth mentioning that the association between Arcos Dorados and Oxean Cross for the development of internal and external communication garnered several Eikon awards for communications for different campaigns

“At the same time, we have developed presentations of our shares to be exhibited externally as well as internally towards the McDonald’s corporation,” adds  Florencia Santucho

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