We have been generating videos, podcasts, and presentations for Natura's Commercial Training area for the past eight years.

The Natura Moment is central to the brand’s strategy for boosting launches and sales reach throughout the region.

A space of regional scope

The Natura Moment is a space created to reach more than 1.7 million consultants throughout the region.

Its purpose is to publicize the launches and novelties of the sub-brands, providing sales tools and tips.

The Commercial Training area coordinates the production of Momento Natura presentations for Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

Storytelling and design in harmony

To meet the challenge of producing the Momento Natura presentations, we formed a team to provide support in the development of:

Team dedication to this project was delivered, with accurate prior knowledge of the brand and its communication needs.

Great teamwork

The joint work between the client and the communications agency is true teamwork. Objectives are set, and the entire process is coordinated among the two parts, from the briefing to the finished presentations.

For the entire Oxean Cross team and me, working with Natura is a great challenge and a very pleasant experience. We have great understanding with the client. The Commercial Training team has shown exceptional human quality and first-class professionalism. Add to this the possibility of creating content and productions for an innovative company committed to the community and sustainability. I think you can't ask for more"

says Diego Caggiano, Head of Contents at Oxean Cross.

Content that drives attraction

Engaging and dynamic digital content for e-learning or training became a must-have for brands. Natura is a leader in this area.

The Natura Moment generates closeness with the network of consultants, driving growth through a personalized way of conceiving marketing since its products transmit unique experiences.

At Oxean Cross, we are working in partnership with Natura to continue promoting the brand's presence across the continent.

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