Town Hall is an internal meeting for setting targets and making quarterly assessments. We helped Mastercard Miami organize these meetings and streamline internal communication. 

“We were able to give conceptual content and increased strategic value to our client’s Town Halls,” explains Valeria Scherbovsky, Development Director of Oxean. 
“They had the whole system in place. We strengthened their strategy, created a slogan for each meeting that would be used across the whole event and helped them build a more specific discourse and shorter presentations, so that all staff members would receive clear and memorable messages,”, continues Scherbovsky.

Oxean’s team worked on clear designs and concise strategic messages.

Branding was implemented in the Miami offices and in the conference room where the meetings were held. An extensive communication campaign was also developed pre and post Town Hall meetings that included, invitations, merchandising, leader dynamics, screens for digital signage and videos.

It was great teamwork that resulted in excellent client and Town Hall participant feedback.