This NGO based in the Netherlands entrusted us with developing their website to spread the word about their work. We tell you all about the project.

Visibility to enhance actions

Civil society, non-profit and non-governmental organizations need to communicate clearly and precisely what their mission is to raise funds from various sources, precisely to fulfilling their purpose of being.

Undoubtedly, a space on the web is essential to give visibility and transparency to their actions.

A few months ago, Oxean Cross and the Epical team had the opportunity to develop the website of Justice for Prosperity, an NGO based in the Netherlands, which works to accelerate innovations in security and world peace that provide a path of opportunity, stability, and egalitarian growth.

Thinking about Peace and Justice

Jelle Postma, Founder and CEO of Justice for Prosperity, shares his vision with us

“Launching a brand-new organization, isn’t easy nor cheap. Lawyers, chamber of commerce and, oh yes…a website.
The ambition of Justice for Prosperity is to create new or repurpose existing innovative technical solutions, bringing them to the Peace and Justice domain supporting journalists, activists, and other vulnerable groups.
For some a rather new concept and not always easy to grasp. My team and I know everything about detecting and countering terrorism, serious crime, or subversive initiatives by autocratic regimes, but explaining this to the public is something else. We found out one should not see the latter as a ‘necessary evil’.
Take itseriously and ask real experts to advise. Fortunately, OXEAN provided an all-in-one solution. Great design, storytelling and hands-on support allowed us to explain what we needed in our own language and work lingo. From the colors, images, texts, to fresh ideas to showcase our work, the team were able to bring us a crucial step further in getting our message out into the world.
The process throughout the entire project was professional, patient, and most of all personal. The team was with us every step of the way, and we would not have been able to make this much progress without them.”.

Simplicity, easy navigation and key messages

Clean, fresh design, anchored in the brand’s visual identity and through a button panel with few sections, the Justice for Prosperity site shows how it serves its purpose, why, and how it does it.

The site had to communicate in a simple and direct way what kind of projects it implements, how it is financed, and its beneficiaries.
From there, we collaborated in writing all of its key messages.

Lou Errens, Chair of Justice for Prosperity, tells us the following:

“From the start of our project, the team showed an innate and intuitive understanding of who we are and what we do. They were able to capture this and make it visible in ways we could not even have imagined. It did not just deliver a beautiful website, but also supported us to put our mission and vision into words in ways that make us even stronger. That was an invaluable and amazing gift, on top of the fantastic website!”.

The value of digital experience

Tomás Criado, CEO & Co-Founder of Epical Digital, gives us his vision about this project:

"From the first moment, the entire Epical team was aligned with the client's needs. For us, creating a website means proposing storytelling, thinking about the user experience, and making this digital space conceptually represent the ideas to be transmitted".

Transparency: key to any social cause

The HOW section provides information on the funds’ administration, offering transparency and an example of good practices in the social sector.

Providing factual data on how funds are used is key to generating credibility and legitimacy in social impact projects and institutions.

Finally, the WHO WE ARE section provides information about the team leading the organization, legitimizing its actions.

Actions that transform realities

From projects aimed at helping to improve the lives of refugees to data projects that help detect terrorists and serious crimes, Justice for Prosperity contributes to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

"It was a great pleasure personally and professionally to coordinate and generate content for this project. Justice For Prosperity works to improve the world we live in through an innovative vision, implementing real actions in highly complex environments. As a communication challenge, it is unbeatable, and I was also very lucky to meet wonderful people with whom we really understood each other to the point of connecting among a feeling of friendship,"

says Diego Caggiano, Head of Contents at Oxean Cross.

Communication focused on NGOs

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We invite you to meet and browse the Justice for Prosperity website.

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