In addition to the social media campaign #PiazzaEstáEnTuVida (Piazza is in your life), we added a radio spot and an SOP to be close to people through such an emblematic medium as the radio.

Piazza: a campaign with a presence on the radio

Searching for the sound branding of a brand is a creative process that includes taking into account the campaign’s concept but also the essence of the brand, its history, and its customers.

Bearing all this in mind is that we worked with Piazza, the only brand in the market that offers integrated faucets and sanitary ware, with more than 130 years of experience.

“Piazza is in your life” is a digital campaign developed by the brand, sought to have a presence on the radio employing a spot to enhance the message’s reach.

The starting line

"Closeness to the user is the core of our communication strategy. Piazza is a brand that is 133 years old, involved in people's memories, and to this, we add the innovation and design that keeps it always renewed. We are aware of current trends, which is why we are one of the favorite options when it comes to refurbishing or building,"

says Gonzalo Montemurro, Marketing Manager of Grupo Latyn; The company that manages the Piazza brand.

The radio is a medium that still maintains unique magic from its similars. On the other hand, audio resources took boom and relevance with the emergence of podcasts and music platforms, which increased during the pandemic.

The objective was to be close,

"so we decided to be in a place that is very accessible and also loved by listeners: the radio. It is another way of accompanying consumers in the car when they are going to choose their toilets or faucets, at home or work. The radio is a fundamental medium to enhance the reach of our message,"

Gonzalo tells us.

Production process

Once the communication strategy was established, the work with Oxean Cross’ content and production team began.

"We had already had the opportunity to create a spot and stories for networks within this campaign. Now, we had to focus on the sound experience: a 15-second spot and an SOP in leading programs in different radio segments, something we always loved. As usual, we built the message together with the client and went on air,"

says Diego Caggiano, Head of Contents at Oxean Cross.

The campaign was aired during November and December 2021 in primetime from 6 to 10 am on Radio Mitre, on FM 100 on Santiago del Moro’s program, on Aspen all day long and on Radio Urbana, on the program Metro y Medio, hosted by Sebastián Wainrach.

Sound content created by Oxean Cross

Content development for sound media is an inseparable part of Oxean Cross’ experience, from podcasts for different uses (launches, training, etc.) to radio spots for mass media.

"Our work is also comprehensive in this service: from the script to the finished product, with voice-over, music, sound effects, or any other resource that may be needed,"

says Diego Caggiano.

Communication is a 360 experience in which sound storytelling plays an essential role. At Oxean Cross, we believe in integrating all channels towards enhancing the reach of messages.

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