The podcast is a communication channel that continues to consolidate. For this reason, when our client Oldelval, a leading national company in the transport of liquid hydrocarbons, challenged us to rethink its digital strategy, we did not hesitate to incorporate this tool.

As an essential service, the company’s operations did not stop at any time during Argentina’s coronavirus quarantine. This implied the need to accompany the employees, in spite of having the administrative headquarters closed.

“Until then, most of the communications were sent by email. For this reason, we decided to bet on an innovative channel and launch a series of podcasts that will function as a monthly internal newsletter, where we can tell the company's news, update what is being done in terms of hygiene, health and safety, related to Covid-19, and other achievements and actions of the firm,” explains Agustina Cuffia, strategic consultant.

Oxean’s team provided the internal communication strategy and the production of the podcast.

Oldelval has more than 200 employees that not always have access to a computer –many are in pumping stations. That’s the reason why the podcast, “Oldelval in minutes”, was distributed through WhatsApp and the internal social network of the company. It was a viral success!

Podcasting has the great advantage of building a relationship with the audience based on closeness. Therefore, it is an ideal channel for internal communication messages to have a positive reception.

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