We have been working for Natura Cosméticos since 2014, generating videos and podcasts for the Commercial Training area.

The materials we produce are part of trainings that have a regional scope (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico). In 2020, as happened in many other companies, the pandemic led to the promotion of digital platforms in Natura and to further develop virtual training channels.

“We are doing microlearning in video format and podcasts with strategies and tactics to boost sales and provide key information about the products,”

Diego Caggiano, Director of Content at Oxean.​      

We create content and materials for the different categories: daily care, perfumery, makeup, hair, face and special dates, and for the main Natura sub-brands: Ekos, Tododia, Chronos, Lumina, Una, Kaiak and Humor.

Virtual experiences

Within the COVID pandemic, we focused on developing training experiences and approaching customers through virtuality. "We created a series of videos aimed at training and promoting the use of digital media, to be able to generate sensory experiences at a distance that would allow us to transmit the virtues of the products,"

explains Diego.

In addition to producing specific content for categories and sub-brands, we generate pieces with tips on business strategy: how to carry out the business, how to organize or how to boost sales, among many other topics.

The materials are generated in neutral Spanish and Rioplatense. We develop the script, design the aesthetics of the videos, carry out the editing and animation, providing a comprehensive audiovisual production service.

A sustainable organization

Natura has been certified as a Company B since 2015 and has worked with a pioneering sustainable vision since its inception in 1969, supporting small producers in the Amazon that form an essential part of its value chain.


The Oxean team is proud to work with clients who are not only recognized for the excellence of their products, but who also maintain a commitment to respect the environment and the community.

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