Oxean work with Weber Saint Gobain is growing month after month, consolidating the client-agency relationship through a communication strategy for the new positioning of the brand.

As part of the new relationship the brand seeks to have with its customers, we created the following claim: ‘build with passion’, ‘live to the fullest’. This message, with an intimate tone and reaching the public with everything Weber has to offer in terms of products and experience, was the core of the summer campaign which ran during January and February 2018 in the Argentine coastal resorts.

We developed a campaign that ran across all media channels, including TV, radio, print, digital, outdoor and POP, among others, in the main coastal resorts. The campaign was focused on creating connections with consumers during their vacations  ─a perfect time for planning new projects. That is exactly where Weber always wants to be: next to its customers, supporting their plans for growth and innovation, as well as their dreams, renewed every year during vacation time. And that is why we chose the strategy that drove this campaign.

On billboards along Route 2 or at summer soccer stadiums, or on graphics on the rear windows of buses, Weber is always present, reaching customers at different times and generating positive feelings to support its new positioning.

The design of both messages and pieces was in charge of the whole Oxean team: account directors, who know the customer and nurture their relationship with them, together with creative staff and designers, who are closely familiar with the tone and image of the brand.
The process took several weeks where different proposals were presented, until we came up with the message and aesthetics that represented what the client was looking for at this stage of the brand’s growth. In this way we built a relationship that grows stronger every day.

As a cross-communication agency, it is very rewarding for us to work with Weber, a brand that uses communication to provide customers with solutions that constantly improve their lives and allow them to find innovative ways to complete their projects successfully.