´We sponsor your passion’ is a 17-year-old program in 223 locations nationwide that has provided over 500 grants to Arcos Dorados’ staff with the aim of moving them closer to fulfilling their dreams.

Arcos Dorados has been running ´We sponsor your passion’ to promote a passion in their people. They offer grants to competing staff members who have a passion, hobby or talent. The initiative is based on the organization’s values.

Through ´We sponsor your passion’, the company seeks to:

  • Help staff engage in extracurricular activities of their choice by offering them a grant.
  • Promote employees’ capabilities in extracurricular activities –either academic or recreational- and foster their true motivation: passion.
  • Strengthen the relationship with their staff.
  • Improve Arcos Dorados’ image as an employer.

The program in the last edition was updated as new technologies emerged, and was also extended to more grantees and areas of the company. In the past it included the Crew Department only, but today it benefits the whole organization. In addition, applicants may apply for grants in a simpler and faster way through a digital platform.

We managed the whole process of creating and producing everything related to communication, such as the aesthetics of the program, notice inviting applications, event invitations for grantees and their families, application tools (web platform), grantee selection, grant event coordination, and communication until the closing of the event.

The following are among the communication materials managed: Staff boards for office use, Crew Room boards at locations, mailing, printed material for distribution by hand, articles in ACERCA magazine, and -starting in 2015- articles in the Institutional Portal and in Arcos Dorados News, the digital platform for Operations staff.

The communication strategy in this last edition refocused on Arcos Dorados’ new service culture, which is built around “generating good moments while being yourself.”

Since the launch of the digital platform, the number of applicants rose by 10%. Registered applicants stressed in later surveys “how easy and dynamic the new system was compared to the old one.”

Other relevant information (applicable to Argentina only): 

An initiative running for 17 consecutive years 
+ 500 grants awarded
+ 3500 applicants
223 locations involved to help applicants move forward