The "Techs" present great challenges when it comes to internal communication. For the internal communication area, there are wonderful opportunities in this industry: strengthening organizational culture, promoting employer branding, retaining talent, and generating engagement.

Millennials and Centennials in the spotlight

The world’s population currently reaches 7.79 billion people, more than 46% of which correspond to the millennial and centennial generations.

If we consider that the generations under 30 are the ones that invade technology companies, we must reach them with our messages.

Knowing their profiles, what motivates them, what worries them, and what they expect from a job is fundamental when outlining the internal communication strategy.

reconocimiento hacia los colaboradores

On the other hand, their technological and innovative profiles also require more creative forms of communication that challenge them, as well as formats they are used to consuming: Tik Tok, streamings, shorts, gaming, e-sports, etc.

First opportunity: Organizational culture

Far from wanting to make a career traditionally, the profiles of the people who make up the teams of the big tech companies are more like digital nomads

They are professionals who are not very attached to the organizational culture, decide to travel while working, or settle anywhere in the world to work remotely.

Even large cities already have programs that promote this type of work, with incentives and benefits and within a legal framework.

It is a great work opportunity for the people and internal communication area. From IC, we can make a difference, so that team members are informed of the company’s news and live its culture, values, and purpose beyond their chosen residence.

Second opportunity: attracting the best talent

Millennials and Centennials are eternal wellness seekers. They move quickly in the search for possibilities that give them benefits such as flexible hours, home office, remote work, and others such as awards and wellness programs.

At this point, we open the second opportunity for the Internal Communication area: to generate a successful employer branding strategy that strengthens the company’s employer brand and attracts the best talent.

Third opportunity: establishing a decentralized IC model

The “techs” do not escape the trends of other industries. One of them is decentralized internal communication. A program that encourages area managers and their teams to lead their comms is key.

For this, it is necessary to establish the necessary channels so that they can do it creatively and innovatively to reach a demanding audience in terms of content consumption.

Also, from Oxean, we suggest training the teams to maximize the available tools and turn them into true digital spokespersons toward embracing a  sustained plan over time.

Comunicación efectiva clave para el liderazgo

Technology companies need strong and disruptive internal communication that accompanies innovation, meets the needs of its internal audience and enhances the employer brand.

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