McDonald’s World Convention


McDonald’s holds its world convention every two years in Orlando, Miami.
All McDonald’s franchisees participate and present their innovations and processes.
It is attended by over 125,000 people of all countries where the brand is present.


To generate a cross concept for the Mega Franchise Arcos Dorados (Latin America), that manages the McDonald’s brand in the entire region, which is one of the largest franchises in the world.

Oxean Cross in McDonald’s World Convention

What did we do?

We used the same visual identity for the whole concept and some contents aimed at adding substance to the main points of the business.
From the digital to the architectural point of view, everything was conceived in a holistic way.
We developed communication pieces for the attendees, customizing the content based on the target audience. All materials were produced in four different languages given the diversity of the countries that constitute Arcos Dorados.

We also developed training materials for the attendees about the activities and events that would be held during the Convention.

Oxean Cross in McDonald’s World Convention

The following actions and pieces were developed during the event: 

A user-friendly digital platform enabled us to keep attendees informed in real time and show them the contents they could see in the event.

Exhibit Floor: for the Latin American stand, Oxean suggested creating an attractive and communicational space. Some of the ideas implemented for the event were: large graphics, simple networking spaces, three digital islands with divided content from the Campaign, large screens with videos that showed the magnitude of the business offer, and a wall with activities related to the entertainment actions that were being carried out.

Oxean Cross in McDonald’s World Convention

Oxean monitored the whole process, from the development of ideas to their implementation, in order to ensure quality of the final product.
A remote team worked during the entire event updating the platforms and addressing the technical difficulties that may arise.

Oxean Cross in McDonald’s World Convention

To ensure continuous communication during the event, we developed a digital platform that everyone could access to get updated information of the event’s actions and news.


We managed to highlight the engagement of the mega franchise Arcos Dorados before the audience, other regional franchises and the McDonald’s corporation.