Year after year, we collaborate with our client, Arcos Dorados, in the launch of the Gran Día (Friday, November 13), a solidarity day in which all proceeds from the sale of Big Mac go to La Casa de Ronald McDonald and Fundación Sí

It is a special occasion in which company employees come together to help those who need it most. Normally, the company organized a large launch event for the internal public, to tell the goal of the year and what was achieved in the previous edition.

In this context, we had to put aside the face-to-face option and organized a virtual event… which had more advantages than imagined. ​ 

“We were able to reach a lot more people”

“We wanted to empower the internal public, who are the main motivational vehicle for their family, friends and clients. They are the spokespersons for the Gran Día. The best thing about the virtual event was that we were able to reach many more people and not only the office staff, but also those who work at the restaurants,”

said Román Druchas, consultant.

The event consisted of a fake live, a simulated and prerecorded television program with company speakers, which included testimonies from La Casa Ronald and the Fundación Sí.

In a context that forced us to a virtual action, we ended up being benefited by the great impact it had on internal communication.

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