At Oxean Cross Internal Communications and Epical, the group's digital agency, we strive to uphold our steadfast commitment to the environment and sustainability. Every day, we work to be a little more responsible and that is why we like to work with organizations on that same quest.

This is the case of our alliance with the NGO Asociación Amigos de la Patagonia (Friends of Patagonia). 

¿What is the Asociación Amigos de la Patagonia?

The NGO’s mission is to promote initiatives related to environmental education and the protection of natural resources in Patagonia and the rest of Argentina.

Under the premise that environmental education is the most effective way to encourage conservation of natural resources in the construction of a sustainable community, they launched “Hacemos Bosque,” a socio-environmental program of local development, tree planting, and environmental education. And now, Oxean and EPICAL have joined this initiative.

Federico Astiz Jensen, Oxean CEO and founder, Tomás Criado, EPICAL’s CEO and co-founder, have been looking for different alternatives to partner and collaborate with projects like this for a long time.

“Fede and I are passionate about nature,” explains Tomás. “Our alliance with Amigos de Patagonia brings life to our purpose of generating a positive impact on our world… and this is just the beginning."

¿How did the project planning begin?

The first challenge consisted in the design and launch of the “Hacemos Bosque” reforestation campaign. The initiative included a GPS-based app to enable volunteers to register the location of every tree replanted with incredible accuracy. 

 “EPICAL has already planted 200 trees, a feat that makes us very happy,” adds Tomás.

The app also ensures traceability for individual and corporate donors, allowing them to visualize where their money is going in real-time by creating a reforestation map of replanted trees and forests.

"We are convinced that digital offers us a huge opportunity to generate value to transform not only from the digital perspective, but also in terms of the type of impact. The possibilities are tremendous: from software development to make processes in companies more efficient to Machine Learning models for energy efficiency. That is the footprint we want to leave.”

As for the future, Tomás is confident that “in the next three or four years, we hope to be accompanying all our clients in their own impact projects.”

As part of the organization’s sustainability commitment and its desire to extend that to all of its portfolio, EPICAL is working toward B certification and carbon neutralization, in addition to promoting actions among its internal and external stakeholders, including clients, partners, and the community.

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