Piazza is a brand that has differentials that clearly identify it within the market. It has more than 130 years of uninterrupted trajectory and is the only one that offers faucets and sanitary ware in an integrated way.

Oxean Cross audiovisual production team worked together with Piazza’s marketing team on its digital media campaign.

La The essence of the proposal is explained in the central concept of the communication campaign: #PiazzaEstáEnTuVida

The objective of campaign:

To reflect those special moments that we as people live in every day in our homes. That is where Piazza products are present with their reliability and design.

Gonzalo Montemurro, Marketing Manager of Grupo Latyn, the company that manages the brand, explains the proposal to the consumers:

"When we created the concept "Piazza is in your life" we were thinking about the experiences that people have with our products, in everything they can share, in those everyday situations that become something special."

A production designed for digital media

In addition to having a presence on the website, the campaign focuses on Instagram and Facebook stories. That is, on digital channels where users connect with the brand and receive all of the proposals.

"Being in people's lives for us means being in permanent contact with each user who chooses the brand, offering them, in addition to quality products, services, offers, news, trends, etc. Our communication channels are alive and present every day"

Gonzalo Montemurro tells us.

The pride of working with a leading brand

"For us, each brand represents a different challenge, a different story to tell. And we love it when that story is related to people's lives and the moments we all enjoy, as is the case of Piazza's proposal"

says Diego Caggiano, Content Director of Oxean Cross.

"An audiovisual production was planned in which the main situations that are experienced every day with Piazza products were re-created, following the client's idea: to make people feel identified with those situations, to make them feel like their own"

explains Diego.

On the same day, video and photographic material were generated, with a mind to have a stock of images in both formats for the marketing actions planned for the coming months.

Shared creativity and desire to communicate

Oxean Cross’ Audiovisual Production and Contents team coordinated with Piazza’s Marketing team to generate the audiovisual pieces for the campaign.

True teamwork among the client and the communication agency was achieved to promote a proposal that seeks to bring a recognized brand like Piazza closer to the people who enjoy its quality and aesthetic proposal every day.

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