We work with the Inter-American Development Bank to obtain faithful and actionable insights through Big Data and Data Science for better decision-making.

 In this article, we tell you what this high-impact project is all about.

The power of Digital & Audience Intelligence

The IDB works to “improve the quality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean. We help improve health, education, and infrastructure through financial and technical support to countries working to reduce poverty and inequality. Our goal is to achieve development in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner.”

In addition, the international organization “prioritizes social inclusion and equality, productivity and innovation, and regional economic integration in its development work throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Thus, it addresses the cross-cutting issues of gender equality and diversity, climate change and environmental sustainability, institutional capacity and the rule of law.”

For the past two years, we have been working side by side with the Knowledge, Innovation, and Communication (KIC) sector of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on Digital Intelligence and Data Science services.

Epical, the technology start-up of the Oxean Group, provides support to the three areas of KIC’s work

Knowledge Area

In the area of knowledge, KIC provides the Bank with the latest learning products and opportunities to strengthen its staff and operational partners’ training. It also supports knowledge creation through publications, databases, and open source software and blogs to make the IDB a sector benchmark and build communities of practice.

Innovation Frontier

At the frontier of innovation, KIC offers expertise, networks, methodologies, and tools to help Bank staff develop capabilities in this field and provide new solutions to unique development problems.

Communications Area

In the communications area, KIC focuses on positioning the IDB brand and giving visibility to IDB projects, events, knowledge products, and initiatives, leveraging traditional and social media usage and incorporating storytelling techniques. Outreach efforts are driven by an understanding of the audience and the region and by the innovative use of data and technology.

Our contribution to the IDB

Along with the KIC team, Epical offers the IDB strategic value in Big Data, Research, and Data Intelligence analysis. By doing this, we help to support the most pertinent areas of the bank in decision-making, knowledge production, and advice to government divisions in various countries of the continent.

We work through processes that involve platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze millions of digital sources with manual research and curation.

Thus, we ensure we obtain highly relevant insights to work on qualitative studies at the highest level.

"For this particular project, we formed an interdisciplinary team with professionals from Data Science, Economics, Communication, Journalism, and Political Science,"

explains Tomás Criado, CEO of Epical. And he adds:

"Not only did we meet with great people and professionals of the highest level, but also with a purpose of the impact that we deeply share."

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