We worked together very closely with McDonald’s on their #VeranoEnMc campaign, which organized a variety of family-oriented activities in the country’s main beaches.

For several years now, Oxean Group has been creating and coordinating actions for #VeranoEnMc, but the challenge always renews itself: “We intended to generate high-impact actions that reflected the company’s strategic areas: quality of nutrition, sports, and branding,” explains Román Druchas, consultant.

“The strategy involved generating content for each one of those areas through different actions. For example: we created a fully original theater play exclusively for McDonald’s, in different formats and versions, and tailored for different audiences. The play reflected those areas: it was interactive and encouraged people to move their bodies. It also included nutritional advice,” adds Druchas.

In addition to the original theater play, we organized music shows, soccer clinics with top players, kite flying festivals and Red Cross CPR workshops.

To summarize, Oxean once again successfully fulfilled its role as general producer of the #VeranoEnMc campaign, centralizing its coordination and carrying out all actions planned.