Good Morning LAC was presented a Ragan's Employee Communications Award

We are very proud to announce this news!

Due to the isolation caused by the pandemic, Mastercard LAC needed an innovative way to bring employees and their leaders together. The purpose was to promote team spirit and make everyone feel connected.

Personal leadership empowers Mastercard LAC voices

In March 2021, on the first COVID-19 pandemic anniversary, the Mastercard LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) Internal Communications team premiered Good Morning LAC, a new communications channel designed to bring the company’s U.S. executives and 1,200 employees in the LAC region closer together and to position LAC among Mastercard’s top leaders globally.

Good Morning LAC surprised the audience and guests from the very first minute of its broadcast: Carlo Enrico, president of LAC, interviewed Mastercard’s global executives one-on-one for 30 minutes in a unique talk show format that has never before been used within the company anywhere in the world. 

The relaxed and candid conversations revealed personal – and often unknown – aspects of the guests while reinforcing the company’s strategic issues and key messages in LAC and around the world.

The value of being close

The feedback from LAC employees after the first five editions of Good Morning LAC exceeded all expectations. 99.28% found the program valuable, while 100% highlighted their preference for the new format (compared to other communication channels used so far). As a result, Good Morning LAC strengthened the connection of the company’s most pertinent global executives among the region and within LAC employees, becoming a unique source of motivation and inspiration for the region’s teams. It also positioned LAC among Mastercard’s top leaders worldwide.

With Good Morning LAC, Mastercard LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) had the opportunity to tell personal leadership stories. The great news is that it won one of Ragan’s Employee Communications awards for the best video interview!

Good Morning LAC!

In the midst of the pandemic, together with the Miami-based Internal Communications team, we created a talk show-style event inserted into the regional and global internal media ecosystem. 

Together we designed a strategy that, in addition to being a novelty, was truly innovative: a periodic and massive “talk show” style event that, with its own identity and rhythm, was inserted into the internal regional and global media ecosystem to strengthen the connection between LAC employees and the company’s leaders.

LAC President Carlo Enrico and a host selected from the region’s employees interviewed global executives through Zoom. The chats provided opportunities for employees to learn more about their leaders’ interests, passions, pets and personal and professional lives. 

In addition, each episode of Good Morning LAC, is tied to a relevant aspect of the business or a valued moment for the company. As such, guests are selected based not only on the interest they can generate among the audience, but also on LAC’s agenda.

Lights, camera, action

We designed a tailor-made program in which each episode took approximately one month to create and edit. 

Our pre-production included everything from strategic content planning to research on interviewees and even games and entertainment activities development.

Good Morning LAC is recorded in advance, from start to finish, in one cut. So far, all recordings have been done remotely and via Zoom, allowing company executives to be interviewed anywhere in the world, even from the comfort of their own homes.

A challenging production

How do you achieve the best possible quality, even when recording via Zoom (and not in a recording studio)? A few days before, guests receive a “kit” so they can “design” the Good Morning LAC studio in their homes, offices, or wherever they choose to connect, turning the interviewees into real stars.

Upon each episode, communication pieces are generated to promote the show and create anticipation and engagement among employees with the broadcast.

Good Morning LAC showcases the passions, stories, talents, and insights of the LAC’s global executives and employees in unexpected and disruptive ways. To this end, episode after episode, new forms are crafted to guide or enhance the dialogue in a space that is 100% virtual but no less relatable.

Oxean is proud to be part of this great project. We congratulate the entire Mastercard LAC Internal Communications team for this prestigious recognition.


  • So happy to start my day with this inspiring and informative interview.”

  • “We normally interact with company executives on a day-to-day business basis, so hearing about their careers and getting to know them in a more “relaxed” format was great.”

Other Awards also won by Good Morning LAC

Stevie American Business Awards, in two categories:

MarCom Awardswhere it won three awards:

two Platinum, the highest distinction, in the Streaming Video and Executive/Leadership Communication categories, and one Gold, in the Internal Communication Video category.

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