Providing solutions in Staff Augmentation allows you to reduce costs and time to recruit and manage the talent of your teams. Find out all the details in this article, from its features to its implementation.

New ways to secure talent in your company

Nowadays, with the diversity of work modalities available, such as hybrid work, telecommuting and co-working, new ways of hiring are also emerging that can enrich your work team.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is one of these options. It is a highly flexible hiring model that allows you to outsource the process of recruiting, training and ongoing monitoring of external professionals. These experts can work on specific projects or complement your internal team, whether they are developers, designers, marketing specialists, data analysts and more.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  1. Flexibility: quickly adapt the size of your team according to the changing needs of your company or specific projects.
  2. Access to expertise: gain access to highly qualified professionals with experience in specific technologies and skills that may not be available in your internal team.
  3. Time and cost savings: avoid lengthy and costly hiring processes by filling positions efficiently, reducing the costs associated with recruiting and training new employees.
  4. Focus on your core business: by outsourcing certain functions or projects, you can concentrate on your core business and strategic activities while delegating specific tasks to experts.
  5. Increase delivery capacity: meet tighter deadlines or manage projects that require more resources than you have available internally.
  6. Reduce work overload: If your internal team is overloaded, Staff Augmentation can provide temporary or permanent relief by bringing in additional experts.
  7. Adapting to emerging technologies: Take advantage of new technologies or industry trends without the need to hire and train an entire in-house team.
  8. Temporary or long-term solution: Use it for short-term projects or as a long-term solution to fill positions requiring specialized skills.

OXEAN in House is our Staff Augmentation solution.

At OXEAN in House we add value to your organization by hiring specialized people in a flexible way:

  1. For a specific period of time or for a specific project.
  2. Your company focuses on the core of the business, leaving in our hands the administrative and recruitment tasks related to the incorporation of personnel.
  3. We are in charge of the search, selection, hiring, mentoring and fine-tuning of the role that the person will perform.

"At OXEAN, we are all the time devising new solutions that are in line with this complex, disruptive and volatile reality to accompany our customers. Always keeping in mind people as the heart of these solutions. That is why, from People, we generate "OXEAN in House", which allows companies to adapt quickly to changes in business needs, within the framework of highly uncertain contexts, without increasing the organization's headcount",

explains Natalia Galucho, Chief People Officer.

What is our added value?

  • Cost and Time Savings: significant reduction of costs and time related to the search, selection and mentoring of new employees.
  • In-depth business knowledge: at OXEAN, we understand your business and the skills you need. We are a team of experts working collaboratively and in pursuit of common goals.
  • Co-Creation of Innovative Solutions: our collaborative and horizontal approach allows us to co-create innovative solutions that adapt to your specific challenges.

¿Cómo es nuestro proceso de selección?

Throughout the entire process, we maintain constant communication with the client and a careful selection process with the candidate, two fundamental principles of Agile People.

Find the profile you need

If you are looking for professionals in communication, creativity, project management or agile methods, OXEAN in House is your ideal solution.

Experts in Talent Selection

We are specialists in the search, selection and development of a wide variety of profiles, among them:


  • Strategic Consultant
  • Internal Communication Coordinator
  • Internal Communication Analyst

Creative profiles:

  • Creative Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Content Strategist

Digital profiles:

  • Digital Project Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Data Intelligence Analyst

Agile profiles:

  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager

In addition, OXEAN in House provides concrete benefits to selected individuals that include: mentoring during the induction period, and throughout the contract, welcome kit and training in the use of tools that are necessary for the good performance in the role.

Active listening

OXEAN in House offers an effective Staff Augmentation solution for companies seeking flexibility, access to specific expertise and efficiency in talent management.

We are specialists in Staff Augmentation, a service that can make a difference in your business.

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