Is your organization ready to face the challenges of a world full of constant changes? We are an internal communications agency with regional reach, that knows the challenges and accompanies your company to face them and find tailor-made solutions.

Facing uncertainty in the BANI world

Have you ever had to change your communication plan due to the context? Or have you developed several contingency plans but, even so, there are variables that you and your team cannot handle? Welcome to the BANI world, an environment that has deepened post COVID-19 and requires a comprehensive approach and a systemic vision of communication.

The challenge and the irruption of AI

Adding to this difficult-to-predict environment is the irruption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which, as the Institute for the Future: latest research paper aptly puts it: 

"This transformative potential and the pace at which it is advancing mean that organizations of all types cannot afford to hesitate to engage with this emerging technology. However, getting involved does not mean rushing to act. On the contrary, organizations must urgently begin to consider the future of AI because devising effective strategies to responsibly harness the technology's potential requires significant deliberation and foresight."

A transformational vision

Embracing change and approaching it in a strategic, consensual and intelligent manner is essential. At Oxean, we promote active listening and deepening our knowledge of the organizational culture. Undoubtedly, this type of approach allows us to minimize the impact of the changes to be implemented.

el valor de la escucha activa en la comunicación interna

Tackling challenges with passion

There is no doubt that the complexity of the times has resulted in a triple revolution represented mainly in technological changes. At Oxean, we face each challenge with the utmost commitment, guided by a deep passion to practice the profession we love.

Una visión transformadora

Internal Communication with a regional perspective

For this reason, we provide solutions taking into account:

  1. The cultural and linguistic diversity of the regions where the organization operates: adapting each of the messages to the territories where the company is present, ensuring its understanding and effectiveness among its collaborators.


  2. Maintaining a single organizational culture: in addition to respecting and adapting the communication strategy according to the linguistic and cultural diversity of each region, we encourage internal communication to be culturally consistent with the brand’s values and beliefs. In other words, while messages are adapted to each region to make sense, they remain aligned with the organizational identity.


  3. Innovation and resilience: under the volatility and poor understanding of the environment, Oxean is committed to offer innovative and flexible proposals that face the challenges of constant change. From the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, the use of gamification, the development of new types of events, the strategy of applying the latest technological platforms, among other options.


  4. Constant measurement: we want to listen to the feedback of our collaborators for each project we carry out. Beyond the modifications made due to sudden changes in the environment, if there are signs of noise in communication, it is reason enough to stop, analyze what we are doing and see how we can solve it. For this reason, surveys are very important for our management.

At Oxean we want to be part of your challenge to create internal communication at a regional level. We want your organization to unleash its full potential, responding to the challenges of the context.

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