We won awards for two actions jointly carried out with Arcos Dorados and other agencies: “Big Day Launch” in the Social Sustainability Category, and “Summer at McDonald’s”, in the Influencers Category.

On Monday 4 evening, our company won two 2019 Eikon Awards:

Category: Social Sustainability 
First Place: Arcos Dorados/McDonald’s – Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc. – Oxean – Público Press Group – Kino Bovio – Ávila Nores

“Lanzamiento Gran Día” (“Big Day Launch”)

Category: Influencers’ Campaign 

First Place: Arcos Dorados – Público Press Group – Oxean – Kino Bovio

“Verano en McDonald’s” (“Summer at McDonald’s”)

Happy McDay was positioned as one of the most important CSR actions and charitable drives in the country by which all proceeds from Big Mac sales were destined for Ronald MacDonald House. In 2018 Fundación Sí joined in the effort, and the action had to be renamed without losing its mysticism. Consumers were also informed about the new nature and use of their contributions. The outcome of the action was a complete success, and 13 million pesos were raised for various NGOs.

Year after year Oxean provides 360° support to make Big Day a success in terms of design, content, traditional and social media strategy, as well as event production at McDonald’s flagship locations, and internal audience communication.

“It’s an action cross-cutting the organization. We work primarily with the Communication and Marketing areas together with other agencies. Oxean provides support to everybody before and on the day of the event,” explains Román Druchas.

Every year, McDonald’s organizes activities in the Argentine coastal resorts, such as shows and other events. They are focused on communicating values related to nutrition, entertainment, health, family and sports. With this in mind, the objective was to look for influencers that would follow the same narrative line throughout the summer season and produce organic content. What was the outcome? All influencers chosen for the campaign managed to create conversations around brand values and engage audiences to take part in those activities.

“In this case, at Oxean Group we planned, carried out and produced the action, pieces and contents –everything. We are always involved in the process at every step of the way,” stated Druchas. 

“It’s not by chance,” he added, “that in 2019 Oxean won Eikon Awards in two original categories: Social Sustainability and Influencers’ Campaign. It means that Oxean is adapting to new emerging needs and communication demands from marketplace and consumers. We’ve been working on these actions for several years now, looking for different ways to communicate and reach people.”

Winning an award always makes us feel proud, but all the more if it is for an action carried out with a great team that we have been working with for 15 years. ​